All you need to know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization sounds tricky and complicated. In a way, it is and, in a way, it isn’t. InSite Media uses current and forward-thinking techniques to maximize your site’s visibility in the digital landscape. Intense focus is placed on realizing the shared value between designer and client and InSite strives for each project to be the first result in a search.

How long does SEO take?

Unfortunately there is no set answer to this question.  Climbing the search engine ranks takes time.  When trying to improve your search placing, not only do you have to get Google, or any other search engine, to recognize your site more, but you also have to overcome other websites who have already established themselves.  For example, trying to be the first web site that comes up for electronics store, is going to be very difficult because you have to compete with large, reputable companies like Best Buy, Future Shop or The Source.  SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, so be prepared for the journey, but try not to get discouraged.

Does having multiple domain names help my SEO?

One strategy to help your SEO is purchasing domain names that are similar to the search terms you want your site to come up for.  This can help improve your ranking as a search engine like Google will recognize the similarity between the registered domain name and the users search term.  Owning multiple domain names can aid your quest to climb the ranks of Google listed pages, but you cannot just rely on this one strategy.

Can you guarantee my site will be on the first page of Google?

Unfortunately neither we, or any other company offering SEO, can guarantee your site will reach a certain position in the Google search results.  Many companies advertise that they will get you to the top page or top 5 results for certain Google searches, however this is false advertising.  All we can guarantee is to work to improve the aspects that Google uses to index a website and work to constantly improve your website.

Is there any way I can see search and visit information for my site?

Yes, we can set your site up to use Google analytic.  This system will allow you to login and view useful information about your websites traffic, visits and what search terms people are using to find your website.